Set Samsung Galaxy Into Private Mode

Private mode allows you to hide selected files on your phone from others. This is especially handy if you ever allow other people to use or handle your device. If you have certain files on your phone that you prefer to remain hidden, simply turn private mode on and select the files you wish to hide. Once you select files to hide, turn private mode off, and those files will remain hidden. Only individuals who know the unlock code can turn private mode back on. More on hiding content with private mode


If you forget your pin, password, pattern or your fingerprint isn't recognized, you'll have to perform a factory reset to use private mode again.

Set Private Mode on Samsung Galaxy

   1) From the home screen, tap the "Apps" icon.
2) Inside the apps screen, tap "Settings"

3) At the top of the Settings screen, tap the search icon.

    Type private mode into the search box and tap the first result.
4) If this is your first time accessing private mode, you'll be met with a series of           welcome screens.
Tap "NEXT".
5) The following screen is a disclaimer about content that you make private.
Read it thoroughly and tap "NEXT".

6) The next screen describes how to make content private.
Tap "START" when you understand how to make content private.
7) The following screen is where you select the unlock method you'll be using.
For the purpose of this article, we used "PIN".
8) On the next screen, enter a numeric pin into the keypad and tap "Continue".

9) Confirm your pin number by re-entering it into the keypad, then tap "Continue"
10) On the main Private mode screen, you'll see the toggle switch is on, this                   indicates that you're in private mode.
The unlock method you're using is visible under "Private mode access type".
Turning "Auto disable" on will disable private mode once the screen turns off.

11) Now we can select a file to hide.
      As an example, we picked an image from inside the camera folder. While viewing the         image, tap the three-dot menu in the upper right corner.
From the list, tap "Move to private". This will work with any files on your phone, not just images.

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